AWS re:Invent 2015 Event Recap

The 4th annual AWS re:Invent conference wrapped up last week. Mirroring the success and growth of the AWS platform and business, re:Invent 2015 was a tremendous success with approximately 20k attendees packing the conference facilities at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Weren’t able to attend, or had a full schedule and missed a few things? The following is a recap of some of the key events participated in – and wow, what a great time for networking and relaxing for all who were able to join us.

The Releases – AWS Web Application Firewall and AWS Inspector

One of the bigger news events at the show was the release of AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Inspector, a progressive step for the platform which is sure to help customers with security efforts and will spark new innovations from leading security vendors.

Briefly, AWS WAF enables customers to create filtering rules that whitelist or blacklist application calls coming inbound from the internet towards a customer’s deployed CloudFront CDN resources.

And with AWS Inspector, we’re finally seeing the true convergence of cloud-based security begin to emerge through continuous API-centric security intelligence access built into the platform’s diverse feature-set.

Expect security platforms to integrate singular-views of workload-wide security intelligence in order to provide customers a complete picture of their security posture, risk profile, and attack surface.

More details can be found here

The Booth

Bigger and better than ever, the astute cloud infrastructure security experts from provided demos at five stations, and shelled out thousands of t-shirts, swag bags, webcam covers, and other goodies.

Best of all, the booth was right next door to the huge 2 story AWS booth, making it a popular destination for all of the conference attendees.  

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BreakOut Session

AWS users are reaping the benefits of decreased costs and increased business agility for many business critical operations, but how can they realize those same kinds of benefits for their cloud security and compliance operations? CEO and co-founder Tim Prendergast talked to the audience about how to start down the path toward security and compliance automation on AWS in a session titled Beyond the Host: Leveraging the Power of AWS to Automate Security and Compliance.

Prendergast was joined onstage by Capital One’s Brett Lambo, Senior Director of Information Security and Risk Management, and Michael Shriver, Lead Security Architect from Capital One, as well as Shannon Lietz, Head of DevSecOps from Intuit, who talked about how organizations can use AWS APIs, DevOps, and automation to transform their security operations.

The session deck is available on SlideShare, and you can watch the talk in the video below:

It was standing room only for what proved to be one of the most popular breakout sessions of the conference, both in signups and attendance. Congrats to all for a fantastic session!

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theCube Interviews

Prendergast was also honored with an invitation to be interviewed on the streaming program theCube, and he wowed the hosts with his adroit and in depth knowledge of many key aspects of cloud security.

Prendergast co-founded to help others avoid the pain he endured when helping Adobe adopt the cloud at a massive level. After years of building, operating, and securing services in AWS, he is on a mission to make cloud infrastructure security approachable and repeatable for companies of all sizes.

The full interview can be viewed in the clip here:

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The Parties

Of course, what’s a conference without the parties to sooth the overworked staff and masses? First up was the t2.microbrews party at the Public House in the Venetian, co-hosted by Cloudability and on Tuesday evening following the AWS Welcome Reception.

The party paired great food and exotic beverages designed to represent all of the 9 AWS regions around the world.

Another great opportunity to network with colleagues or just wind down with friends while recharging for another full day of sessions at the show.

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Next up was Wednesday’s AWS Pub Crawl featuring’s 2nd annual party at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum at the Venetian. This was definitely a must-attend party, as we hosted over 1200 re:Invent attendees.

Guests were treated to fine cuisine and several open bars as they regaled in the always fascinating and sometimes creepy Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

While most of the stars were quite static in their appearance, a very special appearance by “Dr. Evil” and his companion “Mini-Me” were the hit of the party, with everyone clamoring to get a chance to get some pics with twisted genius.

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AWS re:Invent 2015 was another great success and raised the bar even higher for next year. If you joined us this year, thank you and be sure to come back for more next year. If you missed the show, get re:Invent 2016 on your calendar now and we’ll see you then.

See you next year!