Cloud Security This Week – September 22, 2017

What a great week at We announced that Evident Security Platform (ESP®) now supports Microsoft Azure which now gives our customers automated and continuous visibility and control of their compliance and security across multiple public cloud platforms from a single pane of glass. This is big stuff because organizations can see everything happening in their environment, in terms of infrastructure risks and compliance violations, across both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, all in a unified view in ESP.

Clearly, every enterprise has to choose the cloud vendor that works best for them, and for some that also means operating in a hybrid environment. ESP now helps those organizations get a better, clearer, and more actionable ability to control their security and compliance.

In addition to new ESP support for Azure, is now offering S3 bucket fitness reports so organizations can determine if their repositories have been correctly configured and are operating with the necessary level of security controls. ESP does this with continuous monitoring so users are always able to see the state of their S3 buckets and respond quickly to remediate any issues.

Oh, and our very own Kate Turchin delivered the most eloquent, poetic, and enjoyable explanation of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model – you don’t want to miss this:

New from Helps Enterprises Reduce Complexity of Securing Multicloud Environments with New Support for Microsoft Azure
Here’s the overview on ESP support for Microsoft Azure. Combined with support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), ESP provides enterprises automated and continuous visibility and control of their compliance and security across multiple public cloud platforms from a single pane of glass.

AWS S3 Bucket Fitness – Know the State of Your S3 Security launches new S3 bucket fitness reports so you are always aware of how changes to your AWS environment affect configurations and settings in your buckets.

ESP for Azure: Security for the Modern Enterprise
In this blog,’s Tim Prendergast (co-founder and CEO), and Prashant Ketkar (SVP of Product) discuss Azure, cloud security, and how to develop a multicloud strategy.

ESP @ Work: Global Airline Improves Safety, Operational Reliability & Customer Services With Security in the Cloud
Learn how the CEO of the world’s leading long distance airline selected to drive excellence with cloud projects and improve safety, operational reliability and customer services with ESP. This provided visibility, awareness and improved security of their AWS infrastructure.

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