Cloud Security This Week – September 29, 2017

Whole Foods was the victim of a breach that exposed customer credit card data to hackers, Deloitte fell victim to a widespread attack, and the hits keep coming across companies in a variety of industries. Add to that that evidence mounted this week that cybercrime is taking a serious turn towards being increasingly organized and sophisticated, and well, Happy Friday.

There is consistency in this business, that’s for sure. Yet for all the instances of misconfigured data repositories and leaked data, we’re working with some interesting companies who are fighting back. Our multicloud security approach is also helping enterprises get control over environments where both AWS and Azure are being used.

Some members of the team spent the week at Microsoft Ignite where business was brisk and interest in the Evident Security Platform (ESP) was high. A long week, but a fantastic week, and with this crew, how could you go wrong?:


New from
Companies Push to Decode Cloud Encryption
“There’s no excuse not to encrypt data at rest. It doesn’t make any sense unless you just don’t care about the data … and some people don’t.” Cloud Security Platform – Support for Microsoft Azure
An insightful overview of Evident Security Platform (ESP) new support for Microsoft Azure, and how is providing cloud security control for organizations that use a multicloud approach.

ESP @ Work: Enabling Always-on Compliance for Electronic Health Record Company
With ESP, the Electronic Health Record Company was able to alleviate the heavy lifting of compliance and reduce their time-to-audit from an 11 month cycle to the click of a button. Support for Microsoft Azure and Multicloud Environments
This overview of Evident Security Platform offers background on the AWS and Azure cloud approaches and how why many enterprises are opting for a multicloud framework.

News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Researchers Find 7% of all Amazon S3 Servers Are Exposed
A recent study by SkyHigh Networks found 7 percent of all Amazon S3 servers are exposed which may explain a recent surge of data leaks in the last few months. This is clearly quite alarming. It’s also fixable.

NIST to Release Overhauled Framework 
The NIST risk management framework will be getting an overhaul, with an updated version due out next week.

Cybercrime-as-a-Service Becomes Mainstream for Criminals
Ransomware is rapidly becoming an enterprise unto itself, with organized crime groups becoming more sophisticated in how they buy and sell cybercrime services.

I’d Like Continuous Security Monitoring With My Burger, Please
Fast-food giant Sonic has disclosed a data breach potentially affecting millions of customers’ private information.