ESP @ Work: Improving Customer Experience with Security at a Leading Fashion Retailer

“The customer is in control now more than ever with access to increasingly more information and choices. The rapidly changing landscape challenges us to build on our culture of service in new and exciting ways that adapt to our customers’ expectations.” – Co-President at Leading American Fashion Retailer

Leading American Fashion Retailer improves Customer Experience with Cloud Infrastructure Security.


The Co-President of a leading American fashion retailer partners with to provide improved customer experience with ESP, gaining visibility awareness and control of their AWS infrastructure.

Customer Profile

Originating over a century ago as a brick and mortar department store, this leading American Fashion Retailer now operates 349 stores in 40 states, as well a robust eCommerce business through 4 distinct online stores.


The Fashion Retailer’s number one goal is to continually improve the customer experience (CX). This philosophy has been a key driver of success in their evolving business strategy. With increased retail and customer expectations, businesses must adapt at a faster pace today than ever before, requiring retailers to offer seamless customer experiences in order to differentiate their brand.

Their customers desire a relevant experience no matter how they choose to shop—full-price, off-price, in stores or online. With this in mind, the Fashion Retailer has developed industry leading customer value and CX innovation by leveraging “Fast IT at the Speed of Business”. Through a test and learn philosophy, they have come up with exciting new ways to make shopping faster, easier and more rewarding for their customers. Because of this proven success, their Executive Management has proclaimed an “all-in” strategy with AWS Cloud as the foundation for their IT operations.


In order to compete effectively and meet the constantly changing customer expectations in the retail and online shopping environments, the Fashion Retailer required agility, innovation, responsiveness and flexibility to meet their business needs. To meet those goals, they created a “Cloud Centre of Excellence” that provides the supportive framework to ensure AWS cloud resources are fully leveraged across their 50+ application teams, while ensuring complete visibility into their cloud infrastructure. It is critical that security, risk and compliance in their Cloud is maintained to meet their stringent corporate security standards and compliance audit requirements. Protecting the privacy of their customers needed to be baked in from the ground up as they moved more and more workloads to the cloud.


This Leading Fashion Retailer selected Evident Security Platform (ESP) to provide visibility and awareness into their AWS security and controls. Because of their “all-in” AWS Cloud strategy, their Executive Management partnered with to integrate key practices and technology, ESP, to produce more secure software and support faster fixes to security problems while increasing visibility for the Security Operations and Cloud teams.

Results helped enable continuous innovation with security at the speed of business. ESP’s ability to integrate into the DevOps tool-chain and provide visibility of risk into the Fashion Retailer’s Continuous Delivery DevOps cloud group gave their Cloud Team the confidence to accelerate their application migration and application development timelines.

With the infrastructure security now assured by, the Fashion Retailer DevOps teams are now able to quickly innovate and develop applications that help drive competitive advantage and strengthen the customer experience.

With ESP, the Fashion Retailer is able to proactively adhere to several different compliance & audit mandates while reducing their overall risk posture across all their AWS resources and services. Using ESP automation and 3rd party integration to simplify operations, the Fashion Retailer is able to seamlessly interoperate with services such as Splunk, Jira, SNS, Lambda, Slack and others.

In addition to running the Fashion Retailer’s websites, mobile applications, and other internal tools on AWS, their Cloud Team recently developed a Recommendations Engine leveraging the power of AWS Lambda to process customer requests. The Fashion Retailer is going “all-in” on AWS and as a result, the company has reduced costs, improved its customer experience, and developed new features without the need to provision expensive, on-premises IT infrastructure – and with the confidence of a more secure AWS infrastructure backed by

“ESP has given us the confidence to go ‘all-in’ with our cloud migration. When it comes to moving workloads to the cloud, now we are asking our internal business groups ‘why not’?” the Co-President concluded.

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To find out more about how our technology can empower you to solve this problem visit our website. ESP provides a single pane of glass view of all of your AWS accounts, regions and services in one easy to customize dashboard. By consuming all of Amazon’s APIs, ESP can detect and uncover vulnerabilities in your environment and alert security teams of configuration changes and policy violation and provide a path to remediation.

You can try ESP free for 14 days and start securing your cloud infrastructure within minutes. You can use the tool on your own, just signup and get started — or we can help you along the way. It’s your choice.

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