Security for DevOps Agility at a Global Staffing Solutions Company

ESP @ Work: Security for DevOps Agility at a Global Staffing Solutions Company

“Most breaches are caused by human error – Pressure from delivery time, outcome, client demand are factors that make people care more about speed than comprehensive security. The more you can do through automation using ESP, the more time you have to focus on the hard stuff.” – CISO at Global Staffing Solutions Company

Global Staffing Solutions Company achieves Cloud Infrastructure Security for DevOps Agility


The CISO of a Global Staffing Solutions Company partners with to provide DevOps Agility with ESP gaining visibility of their AWS infrastructure and automating alerting and remediation.

Customer Profile

The world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm, providing skilled professionals in the fields of accounting and finance, technology, legal, creative, marketing, and administration with more than 400 consulting and staffing locations worldwide.


The promise of DevOps agility enabled by the Cloud was the impetus behind Global Staffing Solutions Company’s rapid migration to AWS infrastructure. However, as Global Staffing Solutions Company made the shift from traditional development strategies to continuous deployment, they were encountering some growing pains related to application and infrastructure security. Their migration to the cloud was being slowed down by the lack of view and visibility that the security team had into the cloud infrastructure.


Global Staffing Solutions Company partnered with to integrate key practices and technology, ESP, to produce more secure software and support faster fixes to security problems while increasing visibility for the Global Security team. The Evident Security Platform (ESP) provided security for what Global Staffing Solutions Company put “in” the cloud by consuming all of Amazon’s APIs. ESP can alert them of configuration changes and policy violation and provides a path to remediation; Continuous monitoring and alerting. ESP also offered the flexibility to develop custom signatures to be alerted on Global Staffing Solutions Company’s specific risks.

Results helped Global Staffing Solutions Company accelerate and enable rapid migration to the cloud and mature their DevSecOps initiative. The Evident Security Platform’s ease of integration and open, flexible architecture enables the team to adapt as changes are made within their AWS environment by removing the heavy lift of manual audits or the need to build and manage their own suite of scripts. With ESP, Global Staffing Solutions Company is able to proactively protect their environments by triggering automated remediation workflows and launching incident response actions through a sophisticated API and a real-time security engine.

The Global Staffing Solutions Company quickly regained control of their AWS infrastructure using ESP and the benefits it provided:

  •      Lightning fast implementation without integration overhead or dedicated computing resources     
  •      Agentless, non-intrusive operation across multiple AWS accounts
  •      Actionable results within minutes and guided remediation to quickly mitigate risk

“Evident has provided value from the very first day we deployed it.” the CISO concluded “ESP’s ability to create reports help us to prove compliance with both internal and external security requirements. The Evident Security Platform reports have become key customer facing documents used by our own sales force when positioning our own IT Professional Staffing Solution. It is strong, third party validation of the high level of security we have achieved while running on Amazon Web Services.”

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To find out more about how our technology can empower you to solve this problem visit our website. ESP provides a single pane of glass view of all of your AWS accounts, regions and services in one easy to customize dashboard. By consuming all of Amazon’s APIs, ESP can detect and uncover vulnerabilities in your environment and alert security teams of configuration changes and policy violation and provide a path to remediation.

You can try ESP free for 14 days and start securing your cloud infrastructure within minutes. You can use the tool on your own, just signup and get started — or we can help you along the way. It’s your choice.

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ESP @ Work provides insight into real customer implementations. These snapshots describe how Evident Security Platform (ESP) helps our customers maintain and benefit from continuous security and compliance in the cloud. All ESP @ Work posts are anonymous because we respect that our customers are not always able to publicly share their success.

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