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Evident Security Platform – Private SaaS Edition

Businesses have a diverse set of security and privacy requirements. ESP Private SaaS Edition is the self-hosted version of the Evident Security Platform, which organizations can deploy and manage within their own, secure AWS environments.


The Private SaaS Edition of the Evident Security Platform has been a frequently requested hosting option from Large Enterprises, US and Foreign Banks, and US and Foreign Government Agencies. These organizations have crucial security policies and controls that need to be met with a self-hosted version of the Evident Security Platform.

Using Evident, our customers are able to: streamline the procurement process via AWS marketplace, meet data locality requirements, provide enhanced visibility, facilitate collaboration, centrally manage with flexible hierarchical role based access control, save time and mitigate risks faster via rapid deployment, enhance security with zero performance impact, and leverage existing technology investments through third party integrations.

Availability in AWS Marketplace

Compared to traditional IT procurement methods, AWS Marketplace is a new way for customers to purchase software and deploy infrastructure into their AWS environment rapidly while shortening and simplifying the procurement process.

ESP Private SaaS Edition is available both directly from, Inc. and via the AWS Marketplace. For certain customers, the preferred method for purchasing ESP is by using the AWS marketplace, which then adds the ESP charges to their AWS bill.

Meet Data Locality Requirements

ESP Private SaaS enables organizations with specific data locality requirements around security and privacy and data locality to operate the Evident Security Platform within the AWS region that suits their needs to ensure data resides within geographic boundaries necessitated by their local laws.

For example, Australian government organizations can operate ESP out of the Sydney region, German banks can operate ESP out of the Frankfurt region, Singaporean banks can operate out of the Singapore region, and US Government organizations can operate out of the GovCloud region.

For many of our largest and most risk-averse customers this is a non negotiable purchasing requirement and they insist on operating a Private ESP infrastructure within their environments. To these customers we have built this capability and are excited to deliver a solution that meets their stringent security, privacy and compliance needs.

Provide Enhanced Visibility

ESP Private SaaS edition is deployed within a single AWS account and VPC, and can be used to continuously monitor the security and compliance of hundreds or thousands of AWS accounts, across a wide variety of AWS services.

The Evident Security Platform is a value added service that runs on top of AWS to provide enhanced and extended security visibility and control to organizations operating their workloads in the public cloud.

Centrally Manage with Flexible Hierarchical RBAC

Flexible Hierarchical Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in ESP means that multi-level organizations can maintain needed visibility into security and compliance efforts while limiting access to information on a need-to-know basis.  As organizational needs differ, this is intended to flexibly needs the needs of various organizations.

This is accomplished by allowing customers to define an RBAC scheme that fits how the lines of business within their organization operate. In some organizations, a security or compliance team maintains visibility across the entire platform while specific product teams or lines of business only have visibility into the security and compliance of their own AWS accounts.

Facilitate Collaboration

The Evident Security Platform facilitates collaboration between development and operations (DevOps) teams, security teams, and management teams by providing a single view into the security and compliance of an entire organization’s AWS footprint.

Organizations that have adopted the Evident Security Platform report that communication between teams is streamlined and risks are mitigated much faster than before. Enabling collaboration between various disciplines involved in the ongoing maintenance and operation of information systems enables our customers to innovate faster with fewer risks.

Save Time and Mitigate Faster With Rapid Deployment

To meet the needs of organizations operating under tight timelines and schedules, ESP has the ability to rapidly onboard AWS accounts into the platform for analysis. Deploying across an organization’s entire AWS footprint, even across hundreds or thousands of accounts can be done rapidly and efficiently.

Deploying ESP PSaaS Edition is possible without having to deploy a system inside of each AWS account to be monitored, and without having to reconfigure firewalls due to the design and architecture of the service. The service was designed from day one to be a capability that can be deployed across an entire organization’s AWS footprint in hours, not days or weeks.

Enhance Security With Zero Performance Impact

ESP is able to perform detailed security and compliance analysis of customer AWS accounts while having zero performance impact on the services being monitored.

Unlike agent based technologies, ESP does not require resources within your EC2 instances to operate. Our analysis is API driven and focused at the cloud infrastructure layer, meaning no software needs to be installed for this broad and deep analysis to take place.

Leverage Existing Investments and Extend Capabilities With Third Party Integrations

Integrating ESP with third party systems is a common practice, and a variety of integration methods exist to support this need. Many organizations integrate ESP with their existing SIEM solutions, such as Splunk.

The Private SaaS Edition of the Evident Security Platform supports this and all of the other third party integrations our customers have come to know and love in our public SaaS service, such as SNS, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, JIRA, and others.