The Evolution of DevSecOps Revisited

The inception of DevSecOps has created a whole new standard for driving innovation inside and outside organizations. Like DevOps, DevSecOps seeks to achieve greater efficiency and productivity through team collaboration coupled with a foundation in strong security. DevSecOps is pushing organizations to accomplish more, do it faster, and deliver better results more securely.

We are hosting a webinar that will explore whether SecOps and DevOps have been effective in fostering collaboration of the seemingly contradictory teams to align their disparate goals into a singular effort, or if have they slipped into the primitive security models of the past — Is the union of DevOps and SecOps on rocky ground and in need of marriage counseling, or are they completely copacetic.

Joining us on our panel of experts are three cloud innovarors specializing in DevOps and SecOps, including Anthony Johnson, Principal Engineer, Cloud at Ellie Mae, Christopher Durand, Information Security Officer at Verizon, and John Martinez, VP of Customer Solutions at This is a great discussion on the relationship between DevOps and SecOps and whether or not it has evolved to be as harmonious as we hoped.

UPDATE: In case you missed it, click here to view the webinar-on-demand.

You might enjoy Tim’s perspective on the Marriage of SecOps and DevOps, and it will be helpful to understand how some of our other customers broached this union in the past with this Webinar on Demand.