Jurassic Cloud

Dinosaurs are cool. They came in all different sizes, they have gnarly teeth, and some bear wonderful, yet cruel, juxtapositions like an inherent fierceness paired with freakishly short arms. But imagine herding dinosaurs. Think about what a planet filled with them would be like. Consider trying to build a community among them or establishing some sense of order with Velociraptors constantly barreling into an Ankylosaurus, while a Brachiosaurus quietly watches during a snack from the tree tops. Dinosaurs don’t move much and they’re stubborn as a Mesozoic mule; any efforts at making sense of this environment would likely be toppled as quickly as they are established.

Technology environments can be like this too. Legacy applications still run critical workloads in organizations, and because the overall IT landscape has become more complex and unwieldy, tools often don’t work the same way in the cloud as they did in your datacenter. The result – a lack of visibility across your cloud environment which could leave unprotected data repositories and poorly configured assets undiscovered.This could create major vulnerabilities to your infrastructure and integrity of your data. Surviving legacy tools can keep you in the prehistoric computing age, and cause your environment to become a Jurassic Cloud.

The fact is, it’s the dawn of a new era, one that requires massive levels of interconnectedness among data sources, all of which change and adapt in real-time. New applications are deployed and updated in the cloud, and that mandates rigorous discipline for configuration and management of all the different components that are operating in your cloud to ensure you stay secure and compliant. Prehistoric tools “adapted” for the cloud almost always fall short. Today’s security challenges need tools built for the cloud.

Today’s enterprise needs a way to identify and monitor your environment against your corporate security policies and best practices. The only way to effectively maintain control over all this activity is through an automated, agent-less solution that can adapt, evolve, and scale your cloud while supporting your business growth.

Don’t stand idly by while your cloud goes the way of the ill-fated Dilophosaurus and security risks threaten to compromise your stakeholders and their data. Implement the right security with a cloud approach to a cloud issue, and provide a current and evolved solution to securing your environment.