Last Minute Security Gifts

Last Minute Security Gifts for Your Family & Friends

Looking for some last minute gifts for your friends and family this year that help them stay secure online? Here’s a list of our top choices compiled from our security-minded team here at

Password Vault Subscription

How many times have you gone to your parent’s house only to see post-its with passwords all over their desk? Or, you’ve been able to guess their password in less than 3 tries? This year, think about teaching them some password best practices, and help them improve their security with a subscription to LastPass, Dashlane, or 1Password which has a cool family edition.

Antivirus Software

antivirus-softwareGive yourself a gift and give Antivirus protection to your family members who haven’t yet made the investment. Cuz you know that otherwise you’ll just be cleaning up the mess after they’ve clicked through every link that comes across their email. Some of our favorites include Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017, Kaspersky Antivirus (2017), Malwarebytes and Norton Security.


RFID Blocking Wallet or Bag


As more of our credit cards and IoT devices get RFID chips, there is the risk that someone can access private data using a RFID reader as you enjoy your coffee or ride the train. If you are thinking about getting someone a new wallet or bag, consider one with RFID blocking capability. Some options include this men’s wallet, this ladies clutch or this awesome Pacsafe backpack. Note that not all RFID-blocking accessories are made the same, and they are no replacement for caution and safety best practices!

Internet Filtering Software

toddler-on-computerKnow some working parents who don’t have time (or energy) to monitor where the kids are going online and could really use some peace of mind?  Get them a subscription to an internet filter like
NetNanny which brings professional-level controls to home computers and devices.

It doesn’t replace talking to the kids and teaching about online dangers, but can help protect them from online predators, cyberbullying and pornography threats.


Webcam Coverswebcam cover

 For those of you who worry about hackers spying on your kids through their webcam, maybe you can get them a sliding webcam cover to put in their stocking. Or, block the cyber peepers today with a piece tape or post-it. We’ve got an awesome branded webcam cover – send us a tweet and we’ll send one out to you.

Gift of Your Time

Anyone in IT will attest to spending hours helping family and friends fix laptops, printers and routers. This year, make security a top priority and give them the gift of your time to help them become more security-aware. You can start by helping implement better passwords, setting up multi-factor authentication for email and other applications with private data, and talking to them about how hackers use social engineering to get private data from them.

Whatever you end up deciding on, I’m sure it will be great. Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I think that most people just want to know that they were being remembered. Have a wonderful holiday season and be safe out there and online!