PagerDuty Incident Response Guide to Avoid the 3 AM Call

PagerDuty Incident Response Guide to Avoid the 3 AM Call

No one likes a 3 AM phone call, it doesn’t matter if you’re running for President or if you’re the lead DevSecOps engineer. Unless you’re prepared, 3 AM phone calls generally suck.

Running’s ESP will help prevent those dreaded 3 AM phone calls from happening. Prepared AWS enterprises will do everything in their power to mitigate potential downtime.

Our partners at PagerDuty recently released a version of their incident response guidewhich covers pretty much everything from preparing to go on-call, definitions of severities, incident call etiquette, how to run a post-mortem, providing a post-mortem template, and they even include their security incident response process.

I’d encourage you to check it out, even if it’s just a refresher of the best practices you’ve already got in place.

PagerDuty Incident Response Guide


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