On Programmatic Security Automation for AWS

The ability to provision and update infrastructure using APIs allows flexible and programmatic control of our security choices. These decisions will ultimately help protect intellectual data, content, applications, systems and networks ‘in’ the cloud.

In this recorded webcast, John Martinez leads a deep dive discussion and provides a live demonstration of how to improve security awareness between IT, Dev, and Ops teams, as well as provide some real-world (code) examples on how to bring security into your application delivery model to reduce risks with DevOps integration and security and compliance automation.

Martinez, Principal Solutions Architect for Evident.io, has in-depth experience guiding development teams on AWS and other cloud platforms. He assists them in streamlining creation of cloud applications, optimizing AWS resource usage, and ensures that their AWS infrastructures are properly protected. John specializes in DevOps, automation and continuous solutions, and contributed to the creation of the CIS Foundations Benchmark for AWS Security.

Mr. Martinez specifically addresses:

– The Top Ten AWS Security Best Practices, with anecdotes

– How to use automation to enforce those security best practices

– Practical coding to gain more visibility into the security aspects of your AWS environment, including:

– Assuming IAM Roles
– Inspecting CloudTrail Events
– Auto-remediation of security group issues
– Writing a custom signature in ESP