WEBINAR: AWS S3 Security – Your 1 Week Action Plan

Unsecured and misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been getting quite a bit of press over the past year, and all for the wrong reason. Behind hacks and breaches at Verizon, Viacom, Equifax, and dozens of others are S3 buckets that hadn’t been managed properly. The result for most was a black eye for the brand, but in others, like Equifax, billions of dollars of market share and brand value have been lost, all because of an oversight.

The irony, and it’s a sad one, is that managing S3 buckets isn’t particularly difficult, but maintaining awareness of their configuration status and potential for vulnerability requires continuous attention. In a dynamic cloud environment, with changes happening constantly, enterprises must approach S3 bucket protection with a new mindset. Manual attention isn’t going to deliver the necessary information and abiding by internal policies is only the first step.

We hope you’ll join our webinar on S3 security. In it, Evident.io Solutions Architect Justin Hubbard will bring some insight into why these AWS resources tend to be overlooked and how to change that. Part of the issue is tactical, but it also has to do with internal admins and users not fully grasping the value of the data in these buckets.

In the webinar, Justin will walk through the AWS S3 security features that will help keep sensitive data secure. He’ll include an overview of common mistakes and remediation steps, and will demonstrate how you can keep tabs on your bucket security no matter how dynamic your cloud environment is.

We invite you to register now, while spaces are still available.

To prepare for the webinar, you might enjoy our overview of AWS S3 Bucket Fitness, and it will be helpful to understand how to apply continuous monitoring in your cloud environments.

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